About Free Air Source Heating

We are a leading and trusted cutting edge supplier and installer of Energy Saving Products. We are helping people save energy every day. Our experts speak with householders throughout the UK daily, delivering first class initiatives to UK homeowners and landlords. All that we do is underpinned by our vision of reducing UK homeowners heating and hot water costs and by using green, sustainable sources, making it affordable to all, especially homeowners who would not easily find the large investment costs needed to install the latest in an Air Source Heating system. That’s why we have made it affordable.

We Pay You For Switching Away From Fossil Fuels. Claim Your £100 EGS Climate Reward By Signing Up To A Free Air Source Heat Pump

We are showing UK residents that you can heat your home without being dependant on fossil fuels. All you are charged is Just £20 per month, “YES”, £20 per month, FIXED FOR 7 YEARS and you own the air source heat pump.

Air Source Heat Pumps:
If you currently use Fossil Fuels: oil, gas, LPG to heat your home, an air source heat pump may be a great way of reducing your carbon footprint and saving considerable money on your energy bills.

Please Note This Is For UK Customers Only (Excluding Northern Ireland) and does NOT apply to our overseas customers.

Heating your home in the UK is an expensive business, so we work with the GFSD Renewable Heat Campaign. This scheme will be rolled out throughout the country and the goal is to switch 300,000 homes away from fossil fuel dependency.

The response is incredible, so the 300,000 UK fossil fuel free heating and hot water target and the huge homeowner energy cost savings will be reached ahead of schedule, which is fantastic.

So don’t miss out, join the green revolution and save considerably on your heating and hot water costs.

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